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TV Installation London | Wall Mounting and Cable Tidying

A TV mounted on the wall with speakers on bought sides.

Some of you looking at this page may have just taken delivery of your new plasma or LCD TV and be wondering how to mount it on the wall. Some of you will already have given mounting it a shot and been unsuccessful. If you have successfully mounted it on your wall, just in the right place, bravo! But keep in mind that it still can fall in a couple of days if you have not chosen the right mounting bracket, screws and so on. There's not a lot we can do to help those unfortunate few but to all the others, we offer TV wall mounting service that'll keep your latest investment safe and secure for years to come. Handyman Express have the tools, materials, equipment and experienced manpower which is just what you need.

*Handyman Express can send a member for an on-site quote if you are not entirely sure what you need. Note, that if your TV is bigger than 42" you will need a handyman team of two, not a single tradesman, this is required to avoid accidents and limit your involvement in the installation to zero.

Wall Mounting a TV isn't as Easy as You Think

The latest TVs come in all shapes and sizes. Walls are made from a range of different materials. Both these facts combine to make mounting a TV more complicated than you probably think. Of course, you are welcome to try and do it yourself but why not pick a more sensible option. Book a visit from the expert TV mounting technicians and you're ensured it'll be a success. You'll be able to sit back and enjoy the latest programmes safe in the knowledge that your 60 inch TV isn't going to fall off the wall and break. We also offer:

  • A flexible booking system that fits in with you and your schedule
  • 24/7 customer support from friendly and helpful personnel
  • Prices that won't leave a nasty big hole in your bank balance
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - otherwise we'll come back again and do it for free

Benefits From a TV Wall Mounting Service

Save Space - A tv installed on the wall looks so natural with modern flatscreen TV's. You don't need a specific piece of furniture to put your TV and all the supporting devices. You can wall mount it and add a shelf underneath, where to put codecs and etc. (Shelves could be installed by our handyman, although it is completely different service, and it is not included in the TV Installation price)

Cable Tidying - Installing the TV on the wall sure looks nice, but only if you don't have cables falling behind it like tentacles. The tradesman from Handyman Express can hide those for you inside the wall if you have drywall. If your wall is masonry your best option is to hide the cables in PVC casing.

Higher Visibility - You can enjoy your TV shows and movies from the comfort of your bed without stressing your neck at any angle, you can now angle the TV itself to suit your position. If you have a fully adjustable TV mount you can tilt it any way you want.

Better Sound - If you are relying on the TV's speakers you will notice the better sound displacement around the room.

Design Benefit - Professionally wall mounted TV just looks like it is where it is supposed to be! It makes a valid point in the interior design.

Items that you may need to acquire before the technicians arrive

  • HDMI Cables
  • TV Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Power Outlet Nearby
  • Cable or Network Connection Nearby

Domestic Audio System Installation

There is no point of having a big flatscreen TV mounted on the wall in front of your couch if there is no set of speakers completing the whole domestic cinema effect. At least this is how we feel about it. And through our experience, we made the conclusion that most people buy there TV's alongside a good sound system, surround sound or something similar. This is why we are offering you a solution for it all! Our team can not only hang your TV professionally, they can also install your sound system and even hide wires. All those powering and audio cables will no longer spread like a net on your floor and on the wall. They will be neatly tucked away from eyesight best way possible!