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Washer/Dryer Repair Services by Skilled Technicians

There is never a good time for your washer dryer to break down! You are using this appliance almost every day and if you are a bigger family, chances are that you are in fact using it every day! If you ever end up in a situation with a malfunctioning washer dryer, search for professional help! If you need washing machine repairs go here. 

Professional Washer-Dryer Repair Service

The technicians from Handyman Express are highly trained and qualified professionals. You can rest assured that your washer-dryer is in good hands! The combination of two pieces of equipment in one is making it practical, yet maybe a bit more fragile. Nothing that our engineers can’t handle! A team of tradesmen will come to you and perform a deep diagnostic of your washer-dryer. After they have established the origin of the problem they will report to you and proceed with actual repairs. If a part is needed in order to get your appliance back and running well, there is a huge chance of the mobile team is actually carrying that part with them. Yes, the vans of the handyman are packed not only with tools and equipment, they also carry spare parts from leading brands! You will be quoted for the part your tech needs and after you confirm, the installation will be performed on the same visit!

Cases When Parts Have To Be Ordered

In some situations and with some manufacturers parts are more difficult to source. In such a scenario you trust Handyman Express as well. We can pick the correct part for your case and order it for you, the part will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days. You can always choose the express delivery option and get your parts delivered in 2 days. However, that perk will cost you extra 15 quid. After the parts arrive our team will come and perform the replacement. You will pay only for the parts on that second visit! All of our work and all the parts we source are covered by a one year guarantee!