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Wallpaper Hanging / Installation

When the time comes to freshen up your rooms and wall coverings get one of the best in the business to come and lend a hand. Bubbles, mismatched patterns and peeling corners are often the result when you do it yourself. It always seems like a really simple decorating job but when faced with rolls of wallpaper, paste and a brush, things suddenly look a bit more daunting than you first thought. Whether you're looking to make a statement by papering just one wall or want to make an impact with the whole room don't get put off because help is at hand. And it comes in the form of the wallpapering experts from Handyman Express.

We Make Hanging Wallpaper Look Like Child's Play

Hanging wallpaper really isn't as simple as it looks. You might be tempted to give it a go but don't waste your time and energy only to be disappointed with the end result. With the professional wallpaper fitting experts from Handyman Express, you're assured of a perfect result. Choosing us for this important decorating job will mean:

  • No unsightly bubbles or unmatched patterns
  • A professional finish that won't cost the world
  • All waste materials will be cleared away leaving you to sit back and admire your new walls
  • A hassle free approach to decorating, never before thought affordable for the man on the street
  • A wallpapering service you can easily fit into your normal routine
  • Call for your free estimate

It'll be a Pleasure Doing Business With Our Expert Wallpaper Hangers

You can take advantage of our experienced wallpaper hanging experts right across the capital. Get in touch and effortlessly tick that bothersome wallpaper hanging chore off your decorating list. We'll ensure you achieve the perfect finish because our workforce will be well equipped for the job. Relax, safe in the knowledge that your wallpapering is in the hands of well trained and trustworthy decorators who make sure they clean up thoroughly when the work is done.