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Dryer Fixing, Tumble Dryer Repairs From Handyman Express London

A dryer is especially important to a family, especially during the winter. Warm and dry clothes are essential for our wellbeing. And, of course, clean ones as well! If your washing machine needs repair visit the correct page, or if you are having a combined appliance maybe you are searching for washer/dryer repair.

Tumble Dryer Repair Technicians

Tumble dryer repairs are part of the vast background of our technicians. No matter what problem you may have with your dryer our skilled engineers will find its origin and repair it! The common tumble dryer malfunctions are:

Common Dryer Problems

  • Poor Drying 
  • Snapped Belt
  • Drum Not Spinning
  • Overheating 
  • Blockages
  • And More

Sourcing Parts For Dryer Repair

Rest assured that the team from Handyman Express will reveal the reason and report everything to you. If it is a simple repair the engineers will handle it on the same visit. If a spare part is required our mobile teams are carrying common parts from leading manufacturers and can perform the replacement.

If the part can’t be sourced at the moment you will have the option to order them to us. Orders are being processed within 3 to 5 working days, and for an express order, the period is 2 days. An express order will cost you extra 15 pounds.