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Fridge & Freezer Repair London By Handyman Express

Your number one appliances in the kitchen. The fridge and freezer preserve all those veggies and other food products fresh for you. A potential malfunctioning in them can cost you a lot if it is not removed promptly. All the resource spent on food will probably be lost if the fridge stops operating normally. As soon as you see signs of malfunction call Handyman Express and book your appliance repair team visit.

Fridge/Freezer Repair From Skilled Engineers

Handyman Express provides quality appliance repair services. The technicians are prepared for any job you may need them to do. The teams are built from engineers with knowledge about all types of appliances. In most properties, they tackle a combined appliance with a freezer and a fridge. The complexity of the device is achieved by combining different components, some working with the help of flammable gas. Please, if you are having problems with your fridge or freezer call in the professionals to take a look. Don’t try to DIY your way out of the situation, because honestly, you may end up with a bigger bill in the end, or even cause harm to yourself. The gas in those containers is not visible and it does not have a smell!

Spare Parts For Your Fridge/Freezer Repair

Handyman Express appliance repair teams are provided with all sorts of power tools and specific measuring tools they need in their practices. On top of that, they always carry spare parts from common manufacturers. They know from experience what are the weak points of your appliances and they come prepared. If you need a spare part in order for your fridge/freezer to work normally again the technicians will provide it and perform the installation on the same visit. If that is not possible after the visit you will receive a report and a quote for sourcing the needed parts will follow. Upon your confirmation, we will need 3-5 days to deliver the parts and perform the installation on the second visit. Keep in mind that if you order your parts through us you will only pay for the parts and no extra for the second visit of our technicians. Express orders are available but will cost you additional £15 on the price of the part. Express deliveries take 2 working days.