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Stove Hob Repair Teams in London

Your dish is almost ready to get out of the oven, all you need to do is prepare the sauce real quick on the hob and finish everything. Yes, but your hob is not working accordingly. What do you do now? And if, in fact, your oven needs repair, visit the page.

Hob Replacement and Repair From Professionals

You call Handyman Express and book your hob repair service, of course! The professional tradesmen are well aware of common problems and the reasons for them as well. They will carefully examine your hob, gas or electrical, establish the problem and remove it on the same visit.

Unfortunately, sometimes the hob is just beyond repair. In such a case your hob repairman will provide you with a spare one, they do carry spare parts for leading manufacturers! You will get a report from the technicians, that will explain what is wrong with your appliance and if a replacement for your hob is needed they will be a quote on the spare hob. If you confirm the price the engineers will install it right away.

A common reason for malfunction, especially with gas hobs is the blocked gas jets. This may happen because of various reasons. The hob may be burned, and beyond repair, or just clogged with crumbs or grease, in which case it is fixable. For your electrical hobs, the reasons for malfunction is usually an electrical issue in the switch or burned out hob, which will have to be replaced.

Please, don't try to deal with the issue on your own, if you are not well prepared for such a task like our hob repair technicians. Especially if you are dealing with a gas powered hob.

Ordering a New Hob Through Handyman Express

If the mobile team can’t provide you with a spare they will be happy to order one for your and install it upon arrival. In order for that to happen you will be quoted for the new parts and again your confirmation will be needed. If everything suits your needs you will receive the parts within 3 to 5 working days. You can order an express delivery, in which case the parts will be delivered in 2 days, but it will cost you additional £15 on top.