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Tiling & Grouting Services

Tiles are a classic but still working method to improve a room's interior. That's partly because tiled walls and floors not only look great - they're child's play to clean up, too. Yet, laying tiles requires a lot of skill and here is where Handyman Express London can help. Attempting the task without proper preparation and knowledge means that your tiles might fall off in a short period of time or aren't laid level resulting in uneven floors and other surfaces. Having to call in professionals after your own attempts can be expensive as well as very time-consuming. Better book the experts first and get the work done right first time round.

Book the Pros who Make Tiling Look Like a Piece of Cake

Whatever your plans are we can fit you in at a time most convenient for you. Our flexible booking slots have been one of many reasons we are among the favourite tiling companies operating in your area, wherever that may be in London. Not only can we lay your tiles but we can also fix issues you may be having with your current floor. One more reason why we've become so successful. Other benefits include:

  • We provide our service to tenants, landlords, residential and commercial customers alike
  • You're guaranteed a professional finish because our specialists are well trained and competent at their job
  • We can perform a variety of tiling work including laying, grouting, preparation
  • Our technicians are well equipped and want to see their customers smile
  • You'll be working with a fully insured company so you can be sure the work is covered

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Fixing and Laying Tiles is something we Love to do

We’re able to offer a range of tiling services including replacement of a single tile, changing the look of the entire entrance way, drilling holes so fixtures can be added, replacing splash back tiles, retiling & regrouting, siliconing and a whole lot more. Give us a call and change the look of your property, with clean and tidy tiled surfaces you can be proud of.

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