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Garden Constructions & More

Spending some time outside could be wonderful - especially when the weather is lovely. You can simply enjoy the sunshine and drink a cup of tea with family and friends. A green thumb may help you grow a beautiful garden but you'll need a multi-skilled handyman for everything else. That includes the building of garden constructions, such as garden sheds and patios, and your other outdoor projects - paving, decking, etc. Using some hard landscaping, also known as hardscaping, you will turn the garden or backyard into your favourite place of relaxation and a fully-functional extension of your home. Fortunately, Handyman Express has the exterior handymen who will suggest improvements or a full redesign of your outdoor area. In no time, the neighbours will start to envy your garden's new look.

We Have a Passion for The Exterior and Hard Landscaping

We can design and build a garden or backyard space that will suit your taste and overall home layout. Classic or modern appearance - it's all up to you. Laying patios, paving drive and pathways, decking, fencing, building storage solutions are only a small part of the hardscaping and re-landscaping jobs our handymen do. Also covered:

  • Fitting of garden furniture & features, awnings, etc
  • Installation of outdoor lighting & audio
  • Building of outdoor kitchens & BBQ spots
  • Garden sheds - have your very own She Shed or Man Cave

Spend More & Better Time in Your Own Garden

Enjoy a good-looking exterior and spend long hours outside during all seasons with the help of Handyman Express. Even in the wintertime, you'll be able to arrange a get-together or party for your best friends. Our garden handymen have a long-year experience in all kinds of outside jobs, so why not let them make you see and feel the beauty of a stylishly decorated outdoor space.