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Drain Unclogging Services

If you have to deal with blocked drains, toilets, sinks and the like - the pricey products from the shop will hardly do the job. Bathroom and kitchen piping usually needs some heavier tools and home & office owners must often tackle massive grease and hair build-ups, as well as other nasty particles. You have to be armed with the right instruments in order to unclog your pipework and do zero harm - equipment most people don’t have at hand. However, possessing professional tools is not everything. Using them the right way is also important, otherwise, you will do more damage than repair. Unblocking pipes and drains is the calling card of the plumber and the same is valid for the skilled plumbers at Handyman Express.

Make Sure Water Runs Smoothly Again

Whenever you're short of energy, free time, tools or skills - remember that we have a plumber that will absolutely fit your budget. Equipped with drain rods, plungers, plumbers snakes and other pro tools, Handyman Express will clear your waste pipes in no time - so you can go on with your day and do the washing or use the shower. We have earned a long list of happy customers who keep calling us again when they need help. Here are some of the reasons behind their trust:

  • Day-and-night customer line, so we can handle your emergency 24/7
  • Local plumbers with rich experience
  • We unclog any pipes & drains
  • Regularly-trained team of plumbers dedicated to drain unblocking jobs

Our Drain Unblocking Service Is Fairly-priced & Efficient

Enjoy the best drain unblocking service in and around London you could ever find. Affordable rates and high quality of work make us the preferred local service provider. Get hold of our expertise by contacting us whenever you need assistance with blocked toilets, drains, bath and more.